9 Days and 8 Nights in Ishigaki Island Jan.29th ~ Feb. 6th, 2020

Ishigaki Island, OKINAWA

DURATION: 9 days and 8 nights

AIRLINE: Peach Airline Kansai International Airport to/from Ishigaki


HOTEL: Blue Cabin Ishigaki


  1. Hirakubozaki
  2. Yonehara Beach
  3. Yonehara Palm Tree
  4. ANA Intercontinental Hotel
  5. Maesato Beach
  6. Kabira Bay
  7. Sukuji Beach
  8. Yaima Village
  9. Fusaki Beach
  10. Fusaki Hotel and Resort
  11. Ishigaki Stalactite Cave
  12. JA Farmers Market Yaeyama
  13. Ishigaki City Public Market
  14. Seven Colors Resort
  15. Hirakubo Beach
  16. Tamatorizaki Observatory
  17. Many more


  1. Ishigaki Beef Nigiri
  2. Ishigaki Beef Hamburg Steak
  3. Ishigaki Beef Gyudon
  4. Roast Beef
  5. Fired Rice with Squid Ink
  6. Yaeyama Soba Noodle
  7. Fresh Water Seafood from Local Water
  8. A&W All American Food Burger
  9. Many More

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