LeTao Comes to Osaka

LaTao – Famous Hokkaido Fromage Double Cheesecake comes to OSAKA. You don’t need to go to Hokkaido or the airport to buy this cheesecake. You can buy them right now in downtown Osaka. DM me for exact location.

As this is my all time favourite cheesecake and it’s hard for me to buy these outside Hokkaido, I bought all three flavours today.

1. Fromage Double

2. Chocolate Double

3. The Vert Double

First experience for the third item but I know I will love them as I never regret buy LeTao’s Chocolate

I have been buying a lot of LeTao Cheesecake for few years, today is my first time to receive free bag & free one box of chocolate 😋 feeling great!

Please be noted that the event lasts for few days only 😋

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