Customers from the Philippines December 3rd, 2019

03.12.2019 Customers from #philippines Traveling to #nara and #kyoto by Toyota HIACE 2019 Pick-up & Drop-off at hotel in #osaka [DRAFT] ITINERARY 08:30~09:30 Pick up at accommodation in OSAKA & Head to NARA 09:30~10:30 Visit Todaiji Temple and Nara Deer Park <60 Minutes> 10:30~11:30 Lunch <60 Minutes> 11:30~13:00 Head to KYOTO 13:00~14:00 Visit Arashiyama (BambooContinue reading “Customers from the Philippines December 3rd, 2019”

Customers from America November 28th, 2019

28.11.2019 Customers from #usa #america #us Pick-up and drop-off at #narakintetsu Travel in #nara by Toyota HIACE 2019 [DRAFT] Itinerary 09:30~10:00 Pick up at Kintetsu Nara & head to Horyuji Temple 10:00~11:30 Visit Horyuji Temple 11:30~12:30 Head to Hasedera 12:30~13:30 Visit Hasedera 13:30~14:30 Head to Todaiji and Nara Deer Park then drop clients there forContinue reading “Customers from America November 28th, 2019”

Customers from Indonesia November 26th, 2019

26.11.2019 Customers from #indonesia Pick-up and drop-off at #osakamariottmiyako Travel to #nara and #kyoto by Land Rover Discovery Sport 2018 Draft Itinerary 09:00~10:00 pick up at hotel in Osaka & head to Nara 10:00~11:00 Visit Nara Deer Park & Todaiji Temple <60 minutes> 11:00~12:30 Lunch 12:30~14:00 Head to Kyoto 14:00~14:30 Visit Kinkakuji – the goldenContinue reading “Customers from Indonesia November 26th, 2019”

Customers from Malaysia November 16th~23rd, 2019

16~23.11.2019 Customers from #malaysia Pick-up and drop-off at accommodation in #osaka Traveling by Toyota ALPHARD 2019 & HIACE 2019 in #nara #osaka #kyoto #kobe 16/11/2019 KIX Airport Pick-Up  Pick-Up: KIX TERMINAL 1, TIME ??:?? Drop-Off: Accommodation in OSAKA  19/11/2019 USJ Pick-Up & Drop-Off Pick-Up: Accommodation in OSAKA at ??:??  Pick-Up: USJ at ??:??  20/11/2019 OSAKA & NARAContinue reading “Customers from Malaysia November 16th~23rd, 2019”

Customers from America November 19th, 2019

19.11.2019 Customers from #america #usa #us Pick-up and drop-off at hotel in #kyoto Traveling by Toyota HIACE [DRAFT] ITINERARY ‪08:00‬ Pick up 7 guests at Mitsui Garden Hotel Sanjo KYOTO ‪08:00~08:20‬ Pick up 1 guest at Four Seasons Hotel KYOTO ‪08:20~09:20‬ Head to NARA ‪09:20~11:00‬ Visit Todaiji and Nara Deer Park ‪11:00~12:30‬ Lunch at SushiroContinue reading “Customers from America November 19th, 2019”