Autumn in Arima Onsen

Autumn is the best seasons in Japan for me. The weather is perfect and the scenery is awesome everywhere in Japan. I love the vivid color and combination of maple leaves and others leaves showing red, orange, yellow and green colors all together everywhere I look. Usually, I travel to many different places in JapanContinue reading “Autumn in Arima Onsen”


Wakayama is famous for Hot Spring Resorts, Beaches and Fishes. Hot Spring Resorts Shirahama Onsen Katsuura Onsen Ryujin Onsen Hongu Hot-Spring Villages Many more … Tourist Sites for Shopping, Eating and Sight-Seeing Kushimoto Nachikatsuura Kushimoto Many more … Festivals and Events Fire Festival of Nachi 31-Syllable Japanese Poem Festival Shirahama Fireworks Display Many more …Continue reading “WAKAYAMA”