Uzu Hill Park

On our way to Naruto Whirlpool, we passed by Uzu Hill Park. Here is famous of onions. People come here fore stunning view of giant onions, the Naruto Bridge at the back of the onions and ocean view. There are onion products, piano and other activities you can play here. You can also try AwajiContinue reading “Uzu Hill Park”

Customers from the Philippines October 28th ~ 31st, 2019

28~31/10/2019 From the Philippines Multi-Days Tour Tour by Land Rover Discovery Sport 2018 ***We added UZU-NO-MICHI Walkway, UZU-NO-OKA O-NARUTO Bridge Memorial Hall, OTSUKA Museum of Art & many more to the schedules*** 28/10/2019 KIX Airport Pick-Up Pick-Up: KIX TERMINAL 1, TIME 1410 Drop-Off: Went Awaji Higashikaigan 1990-1 Heianura, Aigacho, Sumoto 656-2121 29/10/2019 AWAJI ISLAND TourContinue reading “Customers from the Philippines October 28th ~ 31st, 2019”