Kinosaki Onsen from Osaka, Kyoto, Nara or Kobe

Kinosaki Onsen is about over 2 hours drive from Osaka. We can pick you up and drop you off in Kyoto, Kobe, Nara and Osaka. The place is great all year round but best during fall, winter and spring.


Voted the best onsen town in Japan, with a Michelin two-star rated panoramic view from the top of the ropeway, 7 tattoo-friendly hot springs.


The observation deck offers a Michelin-rated panoramic view over the town as well as out onto the Maruyama River and Sea of Japan.


There are several other hot spring towns in Japan, but very few have so many public bathhouses of varying style in such close proximity. All 7 of the onsen bathhouses can be walked to from the other. If you have the time, are up to the challenge and want to feel the cleanest and most relaxed you have ever felt in your life, try Kinosaki’s “Onsen Meguri”. Meguri is a Japanese term meaning pilgrimage, in this case you walk around to and soak in all 7 onsen bathhouses.


Kinosaki Marine World is an aquarium united with nature, where the Japanese sea unfolds before your eyes.
Located high up on the coastal cliffs in Hiyoriyama, about 5km north of Kinosaki Onsen.

There are several attractions and shows within Marine World. The oldest attraction is the Aji fishing zone. Here you can catch you own aji (horse mackerel) fish and have them fried up fresh right before you. This was the original attraction and how Marine World first started.

There are also several dolphin shows daily, backstage tours where you can meet the dolphins and walrus in person, a tide pool where you can touch and feel sea stars, and more.

Another popular attraction is the “Dive” where (for an extra fee) you will be taken out onto a platform that will sink you down into a tank so that you can have a fish-eye view without getting wet.


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