A Day Trip to Tokushima by Minivan Toyota HIACE Commuter 2020

August 8th, 2022

From Osaka to Tokushima takes about 3 hours by car in case of good traffic condition. However, on the way to Tokushima, there are many interesting things to do, see and eat 🙂

Crossing Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

a suspension bridge which links the city of Kobe to Awaji Island. The bridge was completed in 1998 and has the second longest central span of any suspension bridge in the world.

Stopping by Awaji Service Area.

Here is the best view to see the whole Akashi Kaikyo Bridge with the ocean. The best viewing spot including shops and restaurants.

Kitanowaki Beach in Tokushima

This beach not as beautiful as Shirahama beach in Wakayama but it’s less crowded and peaceful. Parking is free, showering is free and not a lot of rules here.

Uzu Hill Park

I really like this viewing point. There are so many snacks made of onions and many photo spots. The best view is the giant onion outdoor with the view of Naruto bridge at the back

Awaji Onion Burger

Awaji Onion burger is very yummy. Everyone should try.

Crossing Naruto Bridge

Here we are crossing Naruto Bridge. Under the bridge there are many activities to enjoy watching whirlpool.

Each group of our clients has their own travel expectations and therefore each has different schedules tailoring to their own needs and goals. 

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