Jerome De Mesa and Sherlyn Paroginog – owners of Travelgram Tours in the Philippines are scammers issued fake BDO Mobile Banking Slips and more.

#TravelgramTours based in the #philippines operated by Jerome De Mesa and Sherlyn Paroginog Certificate No. 05056689 [issued by DTI under the name JEROME ARBOLERAS DE MESA] FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM: @travelgramtours 

Victims (some) found in Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea and surely more countries that Travelgram Tours provide services. Our company directly contacted the victims in the countries mentioned above and we have many different cases and evidences.

In SUMMARY, victims are:

1.) Tour operators in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea (and more) – Travelgram Tours give tour operators fake BDO mobile banking slips as a proof of their payments. Then, Travelgram Tours can use services for their clients sent from the Philippines for free.

2.) Travelgram Tour’s own clients – Jerome De Mesa and Sherlyn Paroginog used their clients’ credit cards without their consent. Also, their clients are at risk when traveling in other countries because they experienced countless cancellations of tours, flight tickets, hotels and so on. Their clients found out that tickets gave them are faked.


As for iSEKAI Travel, our staff received last minute bookings (30~60 minutes before the tour schedule start) from:

1.) Viber account +639567302238 since January 5th ~ many times but we rejected the request because this scammer asked to pay the tour fee after the tour or around 15:00 before the tour finishing hour

2.) WhatsApp account +639176513070 since December 28th ~ many time until lately we provided the tour for this scammer’s clients from Feb. 7th ~ Feb. 10th in Osaka, Nara and Kyoto because the scammer sent us BDO Online Payment slips as a proof of their advanced payment.


• All five BDO Mobile Banking payment slips are FAKE It’s confirmed by BDO that the account number and reference number shown on the payment slips are not valid. 
•Our company paid for this scammer’s clients entrance fees, food, hotel fee, USJ tickets, tour fee (car, driver, toll fees, parking fees, fuel fees …) as a whole package but we received ¥0 from their fake payment slips.


•Always make last minute booking (30~60 minutes before the tour start (despite the scammer already has a perfect tour schedule on the hand & the clients is waiting at the hotel ready to go out) 
•Always ask you to include everything in the tour: entrance fees, food …
•Always miscalled and text you when scammer needs immediate help for booking the hotel for the client (again last minute at night time) and scammer said scammer will transfer everything at once 
•When you try to call the number, your line will be quickly cut off. Then the scammer will type you quickly to relax your mind and to be fooled again.
*** I have proof of everything I said here ***
***I also have proof how Viber account and WhatsApp account above are related to Travelgram Tours***


Travelgram Tours (the scammer) charges their clients low price but promise to pay tour operators and other related parties at their standard price (usually higher than the price Travelgram Tours charge clients). This means that this Travelgram Tours intend to use your free services worldwide. In case they cannot success with the deal, their own clients got immediate cancelations.

[You might not be able to find some of the previous claims/posts as it’s part of the deal to delete the post to return money back to the victims after 3-4 months or even up to a year chasing them while there are still many other victims who have not been paid yet. We are one of those victims who have not been paid yet]

Published by iSEKAI Group 株式会社

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