St. Valentine’s Day Chocolate Expo 2020 in Osaka, Japan

EVENT NAME: Valentine Chocolate Expo 2020

DURATION: January 22nd (Wednesday) ~ February 14 (Friday)

LOCATION: 9th Floor SHUKUSAI Plaza, Hankyu Umeda Gallery, Art Stage, and Hankyu Umeda Hall B2 floor Food Event Plaza 2

During this chocolate festival, the entire 9th floor will be filled with sweet aromas and excitement! this expo will feature but-sized chocolates called “bonbon chocolate” including ganache, praline, and truffle. Also, six wold-class Japanese chocolatier will participate in this expo in the SHUKUSAI plaza. You can also enjoy savoring soft-serve ice-cream and chocolate sweets at the fair venue.

The floor is divided into 7 sections as following:

1.) Japan’s creative chocolates
2.) Choco Food Hall - Food Chocolate Hall
3.) Cacao World
4.) Fruits & Nuts Choco Fruits Garden
5.) Herbs and Flowers Botanical Choco
6.) Choco Kashi Market
7.) World Chocolate Library

***Choco Sweets Park***

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