Kabira Beach in Ishigaki, Okinawa January 31st, 2020

Kabira Bay

Address: 1054 Kabira, Ishigaki, Okinawa 907-0453


Traveling by Local Bus – Azuma Bus Co., Ltd

From bus terminal, please take bus number 7, 8, 9 or 11. These buses go directly to Kabira Bay without transferring to another bus. Which bus you should take depends on your actual departure time and the bus schedule (please see the final picture for bus schedule)

The bus ride will take around 45 minutes.

It’s highly recommend to stay at least 5 days in Ishigaki Island to enjoy Michihisa Free Pass – The Free ride for 5 days for only ¥2,000

[one day free pass – The free ride for one day costs ¥1,000]

Other useful information to help you choosing which bus fare you should decide:

  • One way bus fare from the airport to bus terminal costs ¥540
  • One way bus fare from bus terminal to Kabira park costs ¥700~¥1,150
  • One way bus fare from bus terminal to Yonehara costs ¥840~890
  • One way bus fare from bus terminal to Hirakubo costs ¥1,200
  • One way bus fare from bus terminal to Culb Med costs ¥730~¥1,250


Traveling by Sightseeing Bus with SANSHIN Guide – Azuma Bus Co., Ltd

A Round Course ¥4,700 Lunch is included

  • 09:30 Bus Terminal
  • Toujinbaka
  • Kabira Park
  • Lunch
  • Yonehara Palm Tree
  • Tamatorizaki
  • 13:40 Ishigaki Airport
  • 14:10 Bus Terminal

Semi Circle Course ¥3,300 Teatime is included

  • 14:00 Bus terminal
  • Toujinbaka
  • Kabira Park
  • Teatime
  • Yonehara Palm Tree
  • 17:20 Art Hotel
  • 17:35 ANA Intercontinental
  • 17:50 Bus Terminal


Traveling by Private Car, Private Driver, Private Tour Guide

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