Kinosaki Onsen January 11th, 2020

A 1,300 year old hot spring village located at northern Hyogo Prefecture. There are 7 natural hot spring bathhouses that are “Tattoo Friendly” located all over the town.

Many locals and foreigners walk around the town in traditional Yukata to experience 7 Onsens with the price of ¥1,300 for one day access.

You can spend a day trip or 2 days trip here enjoying onsen, eating king crab and Tajima beef. There are Ropeway and Kinosaki Marine World located 10 minutes away from the town by car.

In case you spend a night here, many ryokan offer crab diner bringing to your room.

For lunch, we ate King Crab. The first floor is fish shop while the second floor is restaurant. We can choose crab from the tank and tell the seller your preferred cooking style.

Our King crab costs ¥26,000 and we requested for ¥4,000 cooking course. With this we divide our selected crab into three portions: Sashimi, grill and shabushabu. Kanimiso and King crab porridge were served as well.

Sashimi (Raw King Crab)
Grill King Crab
Shabu Shabu King Crab
Shabu Shabu King Crab
King Crab Porridge

After lunch, we walk around Kinosaki Town and soak in natural hot spring. If you don’t have time and plan to just try out one onsen, it costs you ¥800 for Satonoyu Bath.

Satonoyu Onsen is located just in front of Kinosaki Onsen Station which is very convenient as you can soak in the Onsen right after you arrive or before you leave the town easily (especially when you travel by train).

We drove to nearby Kinosaki Marine World. This one of my favorite aquarium as it’s located along the shore with wide sea view! The best show for me is dolphin show.

[please click on our YouTube Chanel for more detailed itinerary of the trip]

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