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Pick-up and drop-off at hotel at #kyotostation traveling from #tokyo by #shinkansen

Tour in #kyoto by private car – Toyota HIACE, driver and tour guide


11:30~12:00 Pick up at Kyoto Station and head to Arashiyama

12:00~13:30 Visit Arashiyama (Bamboo Forest, Togetsu Bridge, Tenryu-Ji Temple and the town) <90 Minutes>

13:30~15:00 Lunch <60 Minutes + traveling time>

15:00~15:30 Head to Kinkakuji – The Golden Pavilion

15:30~16:10 Visit Kinkakuji <40 Minutes>

16:10~16:40 Head to Higashiyama District

16:40~18:00 Visit Higashiyama District <Ninenzaka, Sannenzaka, Kiyomizudera>

18:00~18:30 Head to Fushimi Inari Taisha

18:30~19:00 Visit Fushimi Inari Taisha <30 Minutes>

19:00~19:30 Head and arrive at Kyoto station

Private VIP Tour in #japan

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