What is private VIP Tour in JAPAN?

The concept of Private VIP Tour in Japan is created to make it convenient for tourists coming to Japan.

Why is it convenient?

  • You don’t need to walk a lot especially when you travel with elderly, children and/or wheelchair, the driver will pick you up and drop you off at the nearest entrance of each destination. Therefore, you can just feel free to hop on and hop off at each destination as you like.
  • You can enjoy the trip even if having a bad weather. For example, when it rains, you don’t need to carry your umbrella or wear raincoat walking around the city as well as catching public bus and train for the whole day. To be worst, especially the busy city like Kyoto, you might have to wait for one bus after another as the bus is always full in downtown Kyoto. This difficulties also applies during the peak season like Cherry Blossom and Fall Foliage.
  • You can eat well and travel well because our driver/tour guide/operator can recommend and reserve delicious and reasonable local restaurants near by for you upon your requests. You an avoid a tourist trap.

It’s actually cheaper than traveling by public transportation

  • Having a car and a driver who could drive you directly from your accommodation in Japan to each destination and a tour guide or tour operator who manage/plan your trip obviously save you a lot of time. You can avoid bring lost during your travel and you can save that time to take more rest and/or travel to more destinations.
  • The service provided by iSEKAI Travel is charged per car not per head. This means that the more member you have in the group, the more people to share the cost with and the lower your traveling cost you will pay. There are so many cars available at iSEKAI Travel you can choose from including coaster/minibus (max 28 pax), Toyota Hiace 9 Seaters and 14 Seaters as well as Land Rover Discovery Sport (max 4 Pax)


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iSEKAI Group 株式会社の公開情報 iSEKAI グループ株式会社は主に2つの分野に焦点をあてたグループ会社です。 1)教育 日本の企業で働いている従業員の方や企業に対して英語教育を行うこと。+静かで落ち着いた環境のsalonスペースでネイティブの先生から楽しみながら英語を学ぶことです。 2)旅行 日本国内でのVIPのためのプライベートツアーやダナンリゾート(ベトナム)、ラオス旅行の案内もしております。

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