Customers from India & America June 29th, July 1st ~ 2nd, 2019

Thank you Nutan, her family and friends for choosing and using our service.

It’s their first trip in Japan and a lot of good memories


June 29 [11 Hours]

A Day Trip in Kyoto by Minivan

08:00AM ~ 09:30AM Pick up at Hotel in OSAKA then head to KYOTO

09:30AM ~ 10:30AM Visit Arashiyama (Bamboo Forest, Togetsu Bridge, Tenryuji…) <75 Minutes>

10:45AM ~ 11:30AM Lunch <45 Minutes>

11:30PM ~ 12:00PM Head to Kinkakuji – The Golden Pavilion

12:00PM ~ 12:40PM Visit Kinkakuji <40 Minutes>

12:40PM ~ 13:00 PM Head to Nijo Castle

13:00PM ~ 14:00PM Visit Nijo Castle <60 Minutes>

14:00PM ~ 14:30PM Head to Kiyomizudera

14:30PM ~ 14:45PM Visit Kiyomizudera, Sananenzaka, Ninenzaka <75 Minutes>

14:45PM ~ 16:00PM Head to Sanjusangendo

*Must enter the gate before 16:30PM

16:00PM ~ 16:40PM Visit Sanjusangendo <40 Minutes>

16:40PM ~ 17:00PM Head to Fushimi Inari

17:00PM ~ 18:00PM Visit Fushimi Inari <60 Minutes>

18:00PM ~ 19:00PM Drop customers at Hotel in Osaka

July 01 [8 Hours]

A Day Trip in Osaka & Nara by Minivan

09:00AM ~ 10:00AM Pick up at Shin-Osaka then head to NARA

10:00AM ~ 12:00PM Visit Todai-Ji Temple and Nara Deer Park <120 Minutes>

12:00PM ~ 13:00PM Lunch <60 Minutes>

13:00PM ~ 14:00PM Head back to OSAKA

14:00PM ~ 15:30 PM Visit Osaka Castle <90 Minutes>

15:30PM ~ 15:45PM Head to Shinsaibashi/Namba/Dotonbori

15:45PM ~ 16:45PM Visit Shinsaibashi/Namba/Dotonbori <60 Minutes>

16:45PM ~ 17:00PM Head to Osaka Station

July 02 [4 Hours & 30 Minutes]

A Half Day Trip in Kyoto by Minivan

09:00AM ~ 09:10AM Pick up at Hotel in Kyoto and head to Kyoto Imperial Palace

09:10AM ~ 10:10AM Visit Kyoto Imperial Palace <60 Minutes>

10:10AM ~ 10:30Am Head to Ginkakuji -The Golden Pavilion

10:30AM ~ 11:30AM Visit Ginkakuji <60 Minutes>

11:30AM ~ 11:45 PM Visit Nanzenji

11:45AM ~ 13:00PM Visit Nanzenji and have lunch <75 Minutes>

13:00PM ~ 13:30PM Head to Kyoto Station


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