Customers from the Philippines (May 6th, 2019)

Thank you Cyrille T. Roxas’s family from the Phillipines.

4 Pax

The original itinerary was offered as the following. Nevertheless, our tour is always flexible to change the tour plan according to the needs and wants of our customers. Since the members are more interested in Kyoto, we dropped Nara & do one day intensive Kyoto Tour instead 😘


09:00 AM ~ 10:00 AM Head to Nara from Osaka

10:00 AM ~ 11:30 AM Visit Todai-Ji Temple, Nara Deer Park <90 minutes>

11:30 AM ~ 12:30 PM have lunch in Nara Kintetsu Station

12:30 PM ~ 13:30 PM Head to Arashiyama

13:45 PM ~ 15:00 PM Visit Arashiyama (Bamboo Forest, Tenryu-Ji, Togetsu Bridge) <75 minutes>

15:00 PM ~ 15:30 PM Head to Kinkakuji – The Golden Pavilion

15:30 PM ~ 16:00 PM Visit Kinkakuji <30 minutes>

16:00 PM ~ 17:00 PM head back to Osaka

Private VIP Tour in Kyoto


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