Customers from the Philippines (May 3rd, 2019)

A day trip to NARA & KYOTO

Unlimited Ride Plan

<< Despite the original plan was changed by heavy traffic due to golden week, our guests and driver were flexible enough to change the original plan according to the traffic situation >>

Thank you to Moshydea and his family for their understanding and support trusting and selecting our Private VIP Tour 🙏


09:00AM ~ 10:00AM Pick up in Osaka Hotel then head to Nara

10:00AM ~ 11:00AM Visit Todai-Ji & Nara Deer Park

11:00AM ~ 12:00PM Head to Arashiyama, KYOTO

12:00PM ~ 13:30PM Lunch in Arashiyama & Visit Bamboo Grove, Togetsu Bridge, Tenryu-Ji

13:30PM ~ 14:00PM Head to Kinkakuji

14:00PM ~ 14:45PM Visit Kinkakuji

14:45PM ~ 15:30PM Head to Kiyomizudera

15:30PM ~ 17:30PM Visit Kiyomizudera, 100 year-old Starbucks

17:30PM ~ 18:00PM Head to Fishimi Inari Taisha

18:00PM ~ 19:00 PM Visit Fushimi Inari Taisha

19:00PM ~ 19:20PM Head to Gion

19:20PM ~ 21:00PM Have Dinner, Visit Gion, Nishikimarket, Philosopher Street

21:00PM ~ 22:00PM Head back to Osaka & arrive at the hotel

VIP Tour in Japan


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