Private VIP Tour in Himeji Castle & Kobe by Minivan

On April 15th, we hosts another group of customers from the Philippines.

Followings are the itinerary:

09:00AM ~ 10:30AM Pick-up at the hotel and head to Himeji Castle

10:30AM ~ 12:00PM Visit Himeji Castle & the Garden

12:00PM ~ 13:00PM Head back to Kobe City

13:00PM ~ 14:30PM Have Kobe Beef for lunch

14:30PM ~ 15:00PM Head to Kitano-Cho

15:00PM ~ 15:30PM Visit Kitano-Cho

15:30PM ~ 15:45PM Head to Nunobikicho Herb Garden and Ropeway

15:45PM ~ 17:15PM Visit Nunobikicho Herb Gardens and Ropeway

17:15PM ~ 17:30PM Head to China Town

17:30PM ~ 18:00PM Visit China Town

18:00PM ~ 19:00PM Head back to Osaka and Drop off at Swissotel Nankai

Despite we plan this itinerary specifically for this group of guests based on their hope and request, the schedule is flexible on the day when the guests want to rent Kimono, spend more time at one place than the other places, cancel and add in few more places within the service hours 🙂

Private VIP Tour in Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Kobe …

For reservation, please contact us:


MOBILE: +81-80-4394-8008

TEL/TAX: 06-7713-0569

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