How to travel cheap in Japan?

Many people understand that Private VIP Tour is expensive. Well, in some cases, it is. However, in some case it’s cheaper than traveling by public transportations.

If you do all the calculations, plannings and organising your trips, you will realise that it’s actually cheaper to take Private VIP Tour.


14 seaters van

¥65,000 for 8 hours per day trip including tax, driver cost & meals, petrol fees, parking fees, highway fees and free wi-fi

You can travel to Kyoto or Kobe or Osaka or Nara within one day (one or two cities per day).

This only costs you $50 per person. This price is super cheap as you can travel by car with less traveling & waiting time for public transportations.

During peak seasons like Sakura Season (Cheryl Blossom) and Momiji (Maple Leaves) Season, all buses and trains are extraordinarily crowded. Therefore, traveling by private van would make your life easier 🙂

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