Private VIP Tour in Japan

Are you coming to Japan? Are you looking for a local tour company who could provide you with a day trip to Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Kobe, Wakayama, Awaji, Shiga … ? iSEKAI Travel is one of the local tour company located in Osaka. The company has many types of cars such as Discovery, Mecerdes Bens and Toyota Vans and drivers to take customers from many different countries in the world who travel to Japan to many different places.

Most customers travel in a big group of under 14 people (one family or two families or three families traveling together). The tour is very convenient for those who travel with elderly, kids and wheelchairs.

Since it’s a private, customized and VIP Tour, customers are free to plan their itinerary as well as to seek recommendation from our online staff. The tour starts from 09:00 am until 17:00 therefore the better your plan is and the faster you move, the more places you can travel.

iSEKAI Travel’s private tour costs only $600 per day for all cities in KANSAI. Compared with other local tour companies, this is the cheapest that you could find in the area.

The driver is Japanese with English proficiency. The tour guide can also speak many languages such as English, Thai, Lao, Vietnamese. In case you are seeking for professional tour guide to serve your group during your visit here, we can search for the right tour guide for you.

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Mobile: +818043948008

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