English Speaking Hair Salon in Osaka

Beauty experiences in Japan has become popular among tourists in the last few years.

While tourists can easily find a hair salon with English speaking hair stylists and staffs mostly in Tokyo, there are not much available in Kansai area.

Until recently, many hair salons are emerging to meet the demand of tourists in Osaka and most of them prepare themselves and staffs to welcome foreign customers by having an intra company English Teacher to train the staffs.

In case you are interested in experiencing Japanese hair salon, I would highly recommend you to Fam-International which is located downtown Osaka; specifically, you will find this hair salon in Horie which is about 10 minutes walk from Shinsaibashi.

Horie has long been a well known high class area in Osaka.

The hair salon is huge with many photo spots. The design of the salon is motivated by New York Style.

Almost all hairdressers & staffs could communicate in English. These stylists are ranked among the top stylists in Osaka who are very skilful and has over 10 years experiences in Japan and overseas such as the US and Australia. Each of the hairdresser is specialised in different fields such as Short Bob, Cool Style, Hair Colour & many more.

Please visit the website for more details about the hair salon & each artist’s specialisation.



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